Newsletter - Easter 2024


Easter is just around the corner, and boy, do we have some egg-citing updates for you in our newest newsletter!

What's inside? Insights on property prices, a sneak peek into the local economy, and a roundup of the latest Woodgate sales. Oh, and let's not forget our deep dive into the COVID rollercoaster of the past four years – it's been quite the ride, hasn't it?

Now, onto something a little more festive! We're thrilled to share that we're once again the platinum sponsor for the Woodgate Fair happening this Easter Monday. Can't wait to see you there, soaking in the fun and festivities together!

Got thoughts to share or questions burning a hole in your pocket? Shoot me an email at [email protected] or give me a ring at 0498 053 719. Your feedback keeps us on our toes!

Wishing you a basket full of joy and a truckload of chocolate this Easter!

Catch you later,


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